CommVault for NetBackup administrators

  • 15 December 2022
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I have used NetBackup for 10+ years.   Our organization is now pushing us to use CommVault for any new growth.  Has anyone out there come up with a “CommVault for NetBackup Administrators” document?  I have had zero exposure to CommVault until now.


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5 replies

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That’s a great question, @Jim Grybowski !

I’m thinking there’s 2 likely places we (which I mean ‘me) can go for a possible answer here:

  • Our training team
  • Our Sales team

I found your sales reps and will reach out on the side for advice.

They may reach out to you directly, or to me/this thread.

I’ll see what I can find out for you 🤓

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@Jim Grybowski , I have some resources that can discuss with you, though I want to be sure I have your contact info accurate.

I’ll send you a pm.

@Dave Levesque replied below as well!

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@Jim Grybowski .  My name is Dave Levesque, the Senior SE with Commvault.   Let’s chat so I can understand what information you need.   Before coming to Commvault, I worked at a large financial firm where I managed Netbackup for years and then replaced it with Commvault.   

You can email me at


Dave Levesque

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Seconded! Anything that translates NB to CV, from a tech (pre-sales) and ops perspective would be helpful.

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That's an interesting topic!

I would like to have more information about it. I am migrating a NBU environment to Commvault. It would be very good to have materials making correlations between terms, architecture specs, operational stuff...