Adding a new vlan for Data Protection Network on deployed Hyperscale X

  • 14 June 2023
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Hi Commvault Experts,


I have been trying to find documentation on adding a new network (vlan network) on the Data Protection Network on the Hyperscale X based on Reference Architecture.

The Hyperscale is already deployed with topology of tagged vlans and LACP.

These are new servers that we need to backup, however on a new vlan.

Please guide on what are the steps that need to be followed.




2 replies

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Hi @DarylG 

Only the initial setup configures VLAN's, post install you will need to manually configure the additional VLAN’s.

When logged on to the node CLI go to /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/
Here you will see ifcfg scripts for the individual interfaces, Bonds and VLAN's on top of the bond configs.

I would SCP an ifcfg file for an existing VLAN within the same LACP/Bond config, edit it and replace all VLAN defintions (dont’t forget to rename the file with the correct VLAN ID) and SCP it back to the node.

Do this for all nodes in the cluster, place nodes in maintenance and reboot the nodes as described in the reboot procedure. Remove the maintenance status and resume normal activity.

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With the new HSX 3.2x ISO (Rocky Linux), you will need to add all the VLANs to the /etc/nwintfx file, otherwise a reboot won’t bring them backup.