Commvault Hyperscale X reference architecture preparation phase

  • 20 February 2024
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i have got 3 x HPE Apollo nodes, which i want to deploy Hyperscale X, as per below Commvault Hyperscale X  reference architecture document , we should validate version of hyperscaleX in the "preparing environment step". i dont understand how we can check version when we don’t have installed ISO yet on the server.

my understand is, we install hyperscale X ISO on baremetal server, and this ISO also contains RHEL.


Also , as per below link of “Setting Up the Installation Media”, if i directly mount ISO on each Server A,B,C and then when i start installation on server A, it will also start installation in Server B, C automatically or i need to manually login to Server B,C and start installation ? or both works ?

Also  link says about using another windows system, why do we need it and how can we access KVM of the new hyperscale X servers ?


6 replies

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@R Anwar @atitagain thank you for the response.

my current commvault version is 11.32.42, is this compatible with HSX ISO ISO 3.2312 ?

since my commvault is running at 11.32.42, and if this is compatible to ISO 3.2312, and  also ISO 3.2312 contains commvault version 11.32.35, i still can use same ISO ISO 3.2312 to deploy on Apollo server right ? will this difference in commvault version cause any problem ?

Also, as per below image, if i download a ISO file on a windows system , then  i access the ILO of apollo server from the window system, then i mount the ISO using ILO, can this procedure be used as a KVM mentioned in below image?


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Hi @Noushad 

The info about version is available if you click on Learn more

For ISO 3.2312, the info is available at

Also, would suggest to upgrade CS prior to match the FR and MR version on HSX nodes.


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To be honest that looks like its from the appliance info. If you are building on reference hardware that you purchased then there will be no version of HSX on the nodes. 


So just update your CommServe to 11.32 if needed then download the ISO 3.2312 and install on your three nodes.

After that you build & configure your cluster following BOL

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@atitagain thanks a lot for your response!

below documentation snippet seems little bit confusing to me. so please let me know where should we run the command to understand current version of hyperscale X software? and why are we checking the current version of hyperscale X when this is not yet installed?

i understand from your response that ISO  3.2312 includes commvault version 11.32.
 “ then make sure your CommServe is on the same version as the ISO so 11.32.”→ does this mean we should run command on existing commserv server when we deploy hyperscale X to an existing commcell?


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you need to run the installer on each Node. 


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The way I read the documentation is if you are going to build your HSX Nodes with ISO 3.2312 then make sure your CommServe is on the same version as the ISO so 11.32.

For your next question, after you mount the ISO on each node via USB directly or iLO,you then run the installer which installs the Linux version mention above. 


Once above is done you start your HSX Cluster config.