Does HyperscaleX have VIP. Which HSX cluster node selected for VSA access node

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Good day!

I would like to know how the Hyperscale X cluster is selected for the VMware backup VSA access node and how agent-based backup can point to the HSX cluster in the policy/plan.

This is the first time, planning for an HSX deployment. Will there be a virtual name automatically created which can be selected in the Backup Plan/policy?


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Hi @Comtech 

When you install the HSX a storage pool is created, this storage pool is configured as a backup target in the SP/Plan which will result in all clients using the SP/Plan to load balance over all nodes automatically.

Regarding the VSA functionality, in the access node list for the hypervisor you can configure a group containing all nodes or assign them individually. The first node in the list (if reachable) will act as a coordinator proxy and assign / load balance jobs to other VSA's in the list. If connection is lost or not available the next VSA access node will act as the coordinator proxy.

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Hi Jos Meijer, Thank you for sharing the information! I’m very clear now about how the storage pool load balances the data, and how VSA access node load balancing.