How to Change Setting to automatically not backup user dbs

  • 22 March 2024
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Hello! I’m currently looking to see if commvault has a configuration that we can set so the user dbs are not being backup on servers that’s being backup. Currently I am following the documentation outlined, Excluding User Accounts from Backups ( , but I’m wondering if this can be set as a default settings to exclude user dbs. from backups. 

3 replies

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Hey @Evrard,

I’m not an expert in all things google, but “user DBs” is a little ambiguous for me. Do you mean they are storing some sort of database file with specific file extentions in gdrive or am I completely off the mark?

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@Damian Andre  This isn’t a google thing. not sure I follow the first part. But you are off mark. I’m referring to the mentioned linked below. . Is there a way to make the steps outlined in that link default for all servers that’s in CommVault and has a dbs that’s being backup?  The current issue is I have to follow those steps outlined every time we house a client on a server that’s being backup in CommVault. 

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Can you explain exactly what you’re trying to exclude, and from which agent? Examples may help. 

It’s not entirely clear from your posts.