Hyperscale 3.x upgrade node

  • 25 April 2024
  • 2 replies

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Hello all,

We are getting an error when trying to add a new node on 3 nodes cluster Hyperscales 3.x.

Is there anyone who has done this and can give some tips ?




2 replies

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Hi @F@bEDF 

Thanks for reaching out, are you able to provide the following additional information which would assist in understanding the issue:

  1. Current CommCell environment
  2. Current Platform Version of HSX Cluster where the node is being added
  3. Details of the error
  4. The Appliance details or BOM for both Existing nodes and new node

Thank you

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Hello @Emils ,

The problems come from several things, but mainly an ethernet card that sometimes freezes the ssh session...
There is also a firewall problem, internal firewall, which was not updated during the additional process.