HyperScale on Dell servers

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Good day Community,

I have a customer running HyperScale X on Dell servers. They received a notification from Dell to update the firmware of the SSD Drive containing the DDB and Index Cache due to a security vulnerability.

If we bring down Commvault, and Hedvig using the usual procedure as documented on BOL, are there any risks on doing such upgrade and is there anything else I should do prior to the upgrade?


Thanks very much in advance.


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Hi @Carl Brault 

Thank you for contacting us.

Before proceeding with the firmware upgrade, please make sure that you have performed a DDB backup.

If the Index is lost, it can be reconstructed from the media in an incremental manner, so no extra steps are necessary.

To address any potential risks related to the firmware upgrade, it is advisable to contact Dell and seek confirmation.

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Hi @Emils 

Thanks for the advice. I sure will. 

Have a great day!