HyperScale Reference Architecture 1.5 and X

  • 3 February 2022
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Hi All,

Two years before we implemented the Commvault HyperScale 1.5 Refernce Architecture on top of HPE 4200 Hardware.  Our CS running on VM with 11.19 and MA configured in HyperScale 6 Node with RHEL 7.7  

I am planing to upgrade the OS and CV version. When I browse the documentation page, I came across one more product terminaloy HyperScale X.

I couldn’t figureout following factors, and looking a advice who is working in similar setup.

  1. What is techinical  difference between Hyperscale refernce architecture X and 1.5?
  2. Any use cases where I need a situation to move from 1.5 to X?
  3. Can I upgrade HyperScale 1.5 to X in the same Hardware without distrub data?
  4. Can you upgrade the OS and CV version in the same 1.5 without jumping into X ?

Your assistance would be appriciated. 





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2 replies

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HyperScale X is the next (current) generation of HyperScale.  Nothing changes with regards to you continuing your OS and CV upgrades of your HS 1.5 environment.

You cannot upgrade your HS 1.5 to X.  You will maintain your 1.5 until its end of life.  If you need to grow, you would need to add HS X.  You would either migrate your workloads from 1.5 to X, or you would run them both simultaneously until your 1.5 is end of life.


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Hi @Manikandn 

The only diff b/w HS 1.5 and HSX is the Storage layer. With 1.5 you get RedHat Gluster and HSX comes with CDS. 

For HSX, CV almost owns everything except HW. Though OS is RedHat we mostly take care of it.