Hyperscale support of open storage technology (OST) veritas

  • 16 June 2022
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Hi i have an important opportunity that requires hyperscale X or commvault to support veritas OST. From veritas matrix , HSX and commvault is not under their supported vendor.

Just to check is it valid from our end that it is not supported else is there any work around ?

Below is a description of what OST does, seems like native capability of net backup integrate with third party storage solution.

" The OpenStorage Technology (OST) technology uses a plug-in architecture, similar to a software driver, that lets the third-party vendors direct the NetBackup data streams and metadata into their devices. The plug-in is developed and created by the OST partner and it resides on the media server for use by NetBackup"


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4 replies

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Hello @lawysy 

I apologize but can you elaborate on what you are trying to do\setup?

Hyperscale is virtualization and storage all in one so we wouldn’t support routing our backups to another backup program or bypassing the gluster for different storage.

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@Collin Harper ,

ok basically it is for compliance as part of the participation of the bulk tender , this is the only clause that i feel that we cant comply. In this customer environment the incumbent backup software is netbackup hence there is a need for the storage repository to have OST integration with NBU. We are proposing hsx with our alliance partner hitachi vantera , so i am posting the enquiry here to see if we have any workaround or at least partial comply to this important clause.

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Unfortunately you cannot use Hyperscale or HyperscaleX without the Commvault software.

It is built specifically to be used with the software.

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@Collin Harper , ok this means we cant use it as a storage appliance like dell emc data domain which offers purely as a backup repository in event of third party backup software? Hsx has to co-exist with commvault backup software is what you are trying to say here?