Hyperscale temperature monitoring data report/Alerts

  • 2 March 2022
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Hi Everyone,

One of the customer is looking for temperature monitoring data  for their available Hyperscale hardware where it can give min max average, trend etc. I  looked for available alerts from cv but couldn't find as such..  From below link it just give Operating ambient and non-operating temperature of hyperscale devices.. What if the temp spikes for some reason, how these can be converted to alert in monitoring perspective from Commvault (NOT Irmc or ilo).. Could someone please advise..

The hardware is HPE device..


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8 replies

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@Prem , at this time there are no temp monitoring tools on HSX.  This is something that can can be monitored with tools over SNMP or configure the IPMI to send email.

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Thanks for the response @Mike Struening .. Just curious to know if adding this feature is in pipeline with Commvault at least with HyperscaleX, as it might be very helpful to have this monitored.. 

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Not that I am aware of, though you should be able to open a CMR via your incident (happened to see you had one opened for this).

That way it’s on the radar.

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Thanks again @Mike Struening .. Will do.

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Hi @Prem 

There are plans in pipeline to monitor additional HW devices like FAN, PSU, etc. So if there is a temperature rise we would send alerts. This would be available in Command Center.

Data gathering of high, average, etc. is still not clear. This would be for both Appliance and Reference Architecture.

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Thanks for this @R Anwar I have a question here, temperature rise as in if it crosses the threshold or  exceeded the suggested ambient temperature whether it will throw a alert ?. 

Regarding Data gathering of high, average etc as in I meant, If we can pull out a report where it can show the temperature of the hardware devices based on the time range.. like 8AM it is X degree Celsius..  

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Just to keep this  thread updated in regard to monitoring of Hyperscale temperature,  we have a update stating a new CMR 350169 registered for this as per the request by dev.. As it is known “CMR are not guaranteed to get implemented .. Will hope to get this added in upcoming releases.. I will track this and update hear if i hear back on this for everyone's reference.. 

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Thanks, @Prem !  I’ll mark that as the best answer so everyone who comes looking can find it.