Hyperscale-X Deployment Won't form storage pool

  • 20 September 2023
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So these deployments have been a real hassle won’t get into previous details but the current one hsxsetup wizard will not finish forming a storage pool. Main difference with this one is we used a known service account and password to authenticate with the Commserve instead of the code method in Command Center(account has Master permissions and more on the Commserve) Logs say the account is not an issue and according to Commvault the cluster is formed(3 nodes) and the nodes are registered in the Commserve as MA’s(they have duplicate dedup engines but Commvault tells me this is normal. You can see this from the Commserve you can also see an offline storage pool in the library with no delineated volume information and an error message on the properties saying the setup has not completed. The Commvault Engineer has been loathe to recommend running a cleanup as he feels it would leave things behind they would have to walk me though manually. This case has been with Development for more than 6 weeks without resolution.  One other interesting thing although you can see an offline but not completed Library listed as a storage pool nothing renders in Command Center you see cells greyed out flash for a second then whole page goes blank. Nothing else in Command Center pages do this.

2 replies

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At this point they are telling me(Commvault) to delete the failed library, dedeup and engine and storage policy do some clenaup on the nodes and rerun hsxsetup.


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Thank you for reaching out. This approach is recommended when the hsxsetup has failed in different stages during the setup, ie CS registration, Cluster creation etc… when there are too many failures. Its best to learn from all the possible issues and start clean/

To build a more complete picture on what’s happening with the cluster that has an offline storage pool, I

During the hsxsetup, did you have failures at different stages? if so what were they? Were the nodes every configured previously?