Pure FlashBlade(11 blade) vs HPE Hyperscale X(3 node dl380)

  • 11 February 2022
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Hi everyone,

We are looking to refresh our primary storage, moving on from a Nimble SF100. As I start to evaluate the two I was hoping I might gain some insight here. Looking for best all around performance with emphasis on restore. Anyone have anything to say good or bad about either? Anyone evaluated a comparison of the two? Our frontend storage is a Pure Flash array. The Flashblade doesn't offer fiber channel, which is what we use for connectivity today.

Our Oracle DBA is taking about issues backing up the larger DBs. I see there is a white paper for rapid backup and restore with Pure FA frontend, Pure FlashBlade backup library and intillesnap. We might have to explore that as her consultants are saying commvault can’t pull off the protection much longer as the dbs grow. They are currently just using the client side agent for backup. Thanks for your time!

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Hi @TTownTony !  Good question.  I’m sure some of our community members can chime in with their experience.  To aid, I converted this question to a conversation to encourage broader participation :nerd: