VMs backup of Nutanix environment

  • 5 February 2024
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Hello Team,

Just want to check, our requirement is that to take backup of 200 vms on nutanix with vmware environment. All the VMs are replicating with Nutanix to 2nd site. 
We want take backup of Commvault those vms.

Pls advise best practise using network based or snap based backup on this environment.
We are using hyperscale 3 nodes.
Some of the vms want to take application aware backup.


And what is the best process will follow ransomware protection on Hyperscale environment.

Thanks in advance.


1 reply

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Hi AnandK,

There isn’t inherently a “best practice” for how you want your backups configured. Both streaming and intellisnap have their pros and cons. Intellisnap takes a bit more work to configure but the hardware snapshot process is usually very quick, however a backup copy will usually move at a similar speed to streaming backup. Intellisnap does allow you to backup RDM/independent disks as well.

Streaming is simple to configure but doesn’t allow RDM/Independent disk backup. Streaming backups will be longer than a snap backup but similar to a backup copy in duration.

Both are perfectly acceptable methods. Both also support application aware backups as well.

The best practices I would suggest strongly looking at would be for hotadd transport mode if you plan to use it: HotAdd Transport for VMware (