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While many may assume the native data protection in Office 365 is serving their backup and retention needs, there are limitations that can put your business’s data at risk. Fortunately, there are ways to safeguard and enhance your Office 365 data through our SaaS data management solution for backup, recovery and extended retention. 

Commvault has compiled a collection of resources around protecting, retaining, and optimizing your Microsoft Office 365 data. Check out the collection, and as always feel free to post your questions here in the community.


Protecting your Microsoft Office 365 Data eBook

Your organization’s Office 365 data is precious. As more remote workers use Microsoft’s productivity applications in the cloud, don’t leave the protection of it to chance. Native tools provide high availability, but that’s not enough. You need a proper backup and retention plan and solution that’s right for your business. We’ve put together a roadmap to Office 365 data protection to clarify the considerations and help you define the right approach. Download the eBook 


The Imperative for Office 365 Data Protection and the “Shared Responsibility” Model

Our Technical Brief on Office 365 Data Protection by Metallic looks at the imperative for enterprise-strength backup and restore capabilities for Microsoft Office 365 and why you should be using the cloud - and 3rd-party data protection - to protect your critical SaaS application data. Read the Tech Brief


A Multi-Layered Approach to Securing Critical Office 365 Workloads

Learn more about our award-winning SaaS Backup for Microsoft Office 365 from David Ngo, CTO for Metallic. 



Metallic™ Office 365 TCO

Metallic Office 365 Backup and Recovery delivers enterprise-grade data protection that is cost effective without the expenditures, overhead and IT burden typically associated with self-managed solutions. Explore our infographic and personalized Office 365 TCO calculator to see how much Metallic SaaS data protection could save your organization. Read more


Case Study: Dialog

Dialog was looking for a cloud backup solution to support business continuity strategy and reduce costs. They deployed Metallic™ Office 365 Backup to protect the entire Microsoft Office 365 environment, including Exchange, SharePoint Online, Teams and OneDrive, across the Dialog group of companies. Read more about their outcomes here


DCIG Solution Profile: Office 365 Online SaaS Backup Solutions

Upon DCIG’s completion of reviewing multiple Office 365 SaaS backup solutions, they ranked the Metallic Office 365 Backup as a TOP 5 solution. Read more


Commvault Complete Customers: Loyalty Program

Take advantage of this loyalty offer to extend data protection to Office 365 by adding Metallic. (Current Commvault Complete customers only, some restrictions apply.) Learn more here







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