Anyone ever got the windows error 1069 logon failure , after configuring the CVD service with a gmsa account for a sql machine?

  • 22 November 2022
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We were able to configure the sql backups on certain machines, by stopping the services, putting the gmsa account on the CVD service (following this : )

for some machine, we restart the services and we get the windows error.

I saw clearly in the event viewer the error, but since it’s a gmsa account I don’t know the password, so I can’t correct it manually.

I had to go back to regular account to have the backups running , again…

Anyone had a similar issue?


Gilles from the Montreal area



Best answer by Collin Harper 22 November 2022, 20:23

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Hello @Gil from Canada 

It appears this error is happening due to an incorrectly entered password.


Thank you,

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Thank you Collin, but I had found that link earlier and showed it to a DBA, and was told, it’s not SQL the issue…. Still looking!!!