Auxillary copy jobs are not taking media agent

  • 18 September 2023
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Hi Team,

In our Infra we have facing one issue in commvault backup solution,

Our Commvault backup infra having 3 media agent, while running the auxillary copy backup jobs it will take only  one media agent for both source and destination.

Some times all the auxillary copy jobs are hang state and failed the jobs, and every time we need to reboot the media agent then only auxillary jobs are work, 

I am looking for any solution and suggestions for this above case.

2 replies

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hello @Adarsh.op 

How you have configured the storage policy? For example you have 1 primary copy for the backup and secondary job is configured for AUX copy. The first backup job is using MA 1 and the secondary AUX copy job is also using MA 1 to copy? What is the source and destination for both the primary and secondary copy? 

If you want to use different MA to different storages for both primary and secondary copies under 1 storage policy, you can go to Commcell > Policies > Storage policies > Right click on primary > Properties > data paths and the same way for secondary/Aux copy. 

You can add a different MA here and if you want to configure which MA should be used from the list you can navigate to Data Path Configuration and select the algorithm with which the MA should be selected. 

You can also raise a case with us anytime if you still need further help on this.


Rajiv Singal 

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Hi Rajiv,


Thanks for your reply, I will check and update you.

We have 3 media agent servers are there, While running primary copy it will use different MA ,but for all secondary copy jobs are taken one media agent only.