Backup existing snapshot of NetApp NFS share

  • 23 July 2021
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Dear all,

we want to backup an existing snapshot of a NetApp volume. The snapshot is created outside Commvault. The NetApp SVM is configured and the NFS share client is enabled. We create a subclient and added the content like this:


This works fine for subclients we configured before we update to version 11.23.17. New subclients configured after the update get an error “Failed to create snapshot or build snapshot information.”

From the FileScan.log file I found the following sequence of messages:

CNetAppSnapClient::CreateSnapshot(527) - Processing of shares failed:[]

CNetAppSnapClient::CreateSnapshot(201) - --- 0:00.863093

CScanJobCallback::PrepareFileServerScan(1535) - Create and build snap info failed, error=0xE8110086:{CFileServerSnapClient::ConfigureSnapshot(119)} + {CNetAppSnapClient::ConfigureSnapshot(96)} + {CNetAppSnapClient::CreateSnapshot(528)/EventMessage.0x11000086.17:134}

CVJobClient::setPendingCauseBackend(1068) - EventLevel=9, MessageId=0x11000098, Flags=0x0, Event=0xE8110098:{CScanJobCallback::PrepareFileServerScan(1536)/EventMessage.0x11000098.17:152}

CScanJobFileSystem::Prepare(1043) - --- 0:12.994440

CScanJob::Process(203) - Error=0xE8110086:{CScanJob::Process(192)/Failed to prepare scan job; terminating, ScanJob=ScanJob/FileSystem/FileSystemUnix} + {CScanJobFileSystem::Prepare(1187)} + {CScanJobFileSystem::Prepare_FileServerScan(3501)} + {CScanJobCallback::PrepareFileServerScan(1538)} + {CFileServerSnapClient::ConfigureSnapshot(119)} + {CNetAppSnapClient::ConfigureSnapshot(96)} + {CNetAppSnapClient::CreateSnapshot(528)/EventMessage.0x11000086.17:134}


I do not expect that a snapshot will be created. The backup should run as a filesystem backup. So my question is what is causing the error.

I appreciate your help!





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Hi Christoph 

the error reads like the job is trying to take a snap rather than using the File System agent. 

Are there any difference you can see from the configuration of the subclients made before 11.23.17

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Hi Ryan,

I can not see any difference. 

Intellisnap is not active for the vServer and the confiuration looks like other subclients configured before the update. 

For subclients configured prior the update the jobs are fine. Only new subclients created after the update seems to be affected.

I will go forward an create a support ticket.



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Hi Christoph,

I cannot find that error message in our database.

Can you create a case and send the logs + CS DB so we can check and investigate and maybe escalate to our Development Team,please?

Best Regards,


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@westwood71 , please share the case number so I can track accordingly.  Thanks!

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@Mike Struening : case#210723-191

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Looks like you found a solution:

it seems that we solved the issue by configuring additional setting on the Media Agent.

We set the parameter
sMOAllowCmodeNFSFolderMountSnap = Y and now it seems to work as expected.
From my point of view it makes sense, because we backing up a subdirectory of an volume.

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Nice :)