Client backs up after rebooting each week

  • 29 April 2021
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I have a client that for some reason I have to ask for it to be rebooted every week or so, we have already uninstalled and reinstalled the Commvault file agent software twice.

I can browse to the contents of the client, the cvping comes back clean from the media agent to the client.

My question is: has anyone else seen this problem.. the server is a Windows 2012 R2 Standard







Best answer by gary mcneely 6 May 2021, 17:12

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7 replies

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I only see a blackout window in play here. Do you know if the backup is stuck in the filescan or the backup phase? Typically a reboot would be associated to an issue with VSS being hung. Antivirus could be an issue here, you’ll want to make sure the CV processes are filtered out.

Recommended Antivirus Exclusions for Windows (

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Hi @gary mcneely 


  • In the Commcell Console control panel > Job Management > Job Restarts
  • Navigate to ‘File system and indexing based (data protection)
  • Can you confirm if ‘Enable Total Running Time is enabled?
  • My initial thought is it is being killed due to taking too long to run
  • If you open one of the killed jobs
    • Can you provide a screenshot of the events tab?
    • Is there any error listed on the General or details tabs?
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  • Commcell Console control panel > Job Management > Job Restarts
  • Navigate to ‘File system and indexing based (data protection)

We killed the last job.


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Could you elaborate on the issue perhaps I’m not understanding?

  • The job is entering a queued state because of the blackout window
  • Then I see the job is killed
  • Prior to being killed there’s a notice that it is queued waiting for a dependent or prior job to complete
  • Is the concern that the job takes too long to complete and subsequent jobs launch?
  • Is there a hard error that is produced during the backups that is resolved by rebooting the server?
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Best Answer

The issue was and is, the WMI service is not working correctly and our team rebooted the client and now the backups are working..

Thank you to Commvault for the assist.

25672 6d0c  05/01 15:06:39 1804393 CWinBackupJob::AddComponent(279) - Component WMI Database not active on the machine and cannot be backed up


I did learn that if I see a blank page on the services most likely that is WMI is not running.



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Makes sense!  I moved the Best Answer mark to your reply about WMI.


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Moved the WMI hanging question to a new thread for easier tracking.