Client configuration failed. There is no license available for File System Core

  • 6 February 2023
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Windows 2016 server Client is installed manually and is visible to the Commvault side. All the connectivity and readiness checks are Okay. But when we are trying to configure file system subclients, It gives following error message,


Client configuration failed. There is no license available for File System Core.


As this CommCell is configured with host-based licensing this need to purchase an additional license from Commvault. ? Kindly help us to verify this as we couldn’t found a documentation proof.

We installed File System and SQL server agent with the installation.



Best answer by Jos Meijer 7 February 2023, 08:14

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7 replies

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Please note this client is a physical machine...

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Hi @Charith 

Can you please check the License Summary report in the Command Center for the amount of used v.s. available Operating Instances?

Should look like this:

What values do you see here?

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Hi Jos

Really appreciate the reply.

It shows like this
purchased - 0
Used 73


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We can configure SQL server, But cannot configure File System Backup

When we try to reconfigure. Gives following error.



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Hi @Charith 

You are very welcome 🙂

Based on the provided screenshot I would initially conclude that you have a virtual only licensed environment based on a socket type license.

This would require Operational Instance licenses for the physical machines.
But looking at this license type you have 0 purchased and 73 in use.

Based on the fact that you cannot enable the license, but apparently were able to in the past.
I suspect something changed somewhere down the line.

A few questions:

  • Which version of Commvault are you running?
  • To your knowledge, should you have Operational Instance licenses?
  • Have you recently loaded a new license file?
  • Have you recently installed a Feature Release / Maintenance Release?


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We have recently upgraded from 11.25 to the latest 11.28 maintenance release. This can be the reason why we cannot add operating instances now ?

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It’s possible.
I know that in 11.24 for example there was a maintenance release, I believe 11.24.54, where the enforcement of license was adjusted and some customers were facing licensing issues.
It might be the same here.

You can, if you want, send me the current license file.
Then I can review what is actually in your license.

If you rather not, then I would advice you to get in contact with either:

  • The person within your company, or
  • Your Commvault representative

And check if Physical OI's should be in the license, if so request a new license file at Commvault.
Load the new license file, restart the GUI and check of the license is corrected.

If not included in your license, then basically you are not compliant and you need to see if you can get this fixed via your Commvault representative. If not I am afraid you will have to invest in OI licenses.