Cloud DR Backup needs a to request Access to Download

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there seems to be a recent change, you now need to request to access/download the DR-sets.

I can see some of the pros and cons, maybe you can tell us a little bit more about the reason and the process, the request is taking on the commvault side.

I tried a testrun on friday, requested the download at 7:48 am (CEST) and got the request approved after 8h (at 3:32 pm (CEST).

Also the request was sent to the mail-address of the account holder.

If there was a real Disaster, i would have had to raise a ticket and hopefully could get the DR-Set faster, but that is another thing you need to do, and if you need the DR-Set, you will have your hands full.

To improve the process, I would like to suggest the following additions:

1.) Give a timeframe, how long the request will take. At the moment, there is no information and it would be good to get a timeframe. In a Restore-Test or other none vital operation, the 8h response time can be worked around.

2.) Lets give us the option to add another Mail-Address to the request. So if the local Mail-Address is comprimised (we are talking about a DR scenario here), we can add an webmailer to get the message.


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Thanks. We are making changes to smoothen the experience. We will also incorporate the suggestion of alternate email address and response times.

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@sk99 Has their been any improvement on this.  I just found out about this while trying to DR test.  I did the request thinking since I was Admin it would just come back to me and now I see its intended this way.  Kind of Odd that I have to request access to MY Information.  Everything about Backups/Restores is supposed to be about speed of getting my business back up and running incase of an attack or disaster and here I am waiting for someone to give me MY files.

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Any news on this? Like @Heath I don’t think that waiting for accept the request from some random guy from Commvault (with all respect) is the best approach during the disaster. I don’t understand this. How can I be sure wheter my request will be accepted or not and how it could be safer than just simple access to DR backups? Is decision to accept or deny is based only on comment?