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  • 21 September 2022
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Hi all,

our task is to implement Quantum ActiveVault feature in the Commvault environment. ActiveVault should  create a special room (for the tapes) inside the tape library, that is not visible for any (backup) application. According to me, in CV we should adjust schedule policy or create VaultTracker policy, that moves full tapes to I/E (and then to defined export location). Once the tape is in the I/E slot, the quantum tape library can mark this tape as part of special room and the tape looks like it is outside from CV point of view. Then, once data are aged, an administrator has to manually move tapes to I/E by clicking in the GUI environment of the tape library. The thing is, how to find out, which tapes should be moved back to library since they are aged.I think, it is necessary to have Due back for reuse policy type, isnt it? So, firstly run a report to find tapes for return, secondly move manually tapes in management console of the library and lastly run VaultTracker policy? Am I right? Please correct if necessary.


Do you have any experience with Commvault and ActiveVault, in general?


Thanks in advance for any thoughts!


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Hello @drPhil 

Neither I nor my Tier2 have experience with ActiveVault but Commvault is agnostic to export locations.

Your statements are correcr though, once it is exported you can use the VaultTracker report to check the “Due-Back” date of the tapes. Due Back reports do cost money unless they are now included with your general licensing but I would recommend contacting your Account Manager to confirm this.

Regarding ActiveVault, Once the tapes are exported from Commvault they are effectively outside the library as far as we are concerned though they will need to be removed from the IE ports to complete the VaultTracker operations within Commvault to prevent issue with the VaultTracker and its reports. If the ActiveVault does this as part of shelving the tapes within the library I don’t see any issues with it as an export location.


Thank you,

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I can wrap up this thread with answering my questions:

How to find out, which tapes should be moved back to library since they are aged?…

In general, there could be two approaches. As mentioned above, all can be managed by Vault Tracker policies with setting up Vault Tracker policies and Vault Tracker Schedules. Secondly, Vault tracker option can be set up on the basic Schedules, when defining Export location. Followingly, when needed to import tapes back to the library, on the Export location tab, there is mentioned, if a tape can be imported.