Commserve join domain or workgroup

  • 24 January 2023
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for a new Commserve installation is better to join the AD domain or leave the server in a workgroup?

for example if the entire AD domain became unavailable is still possible to manage backups and restores?

Does anyone have an experiance regarding the two different implementation?



4 replies

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If your Active Directory were to go down, you still could use the local CommServe password to access the console and run backups and restores.

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so it’s not make sense to have the Commserve in workgroup mode

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That is entirely up to your needs.  That being said many customers have the CommServe as a member of a domain.

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You can join to the domain but still use local authentication - likewise, you don't have to join it to the domain to authenticate with Active Directory for SSO. Commvault is really independent that way.

If you do decide to use SSO you can still use local accounts as a backup to login should AD be unavailable.