CommserveDB size was high

  • 18 April 2023
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Hi Team,

In my environment the CommserveDB size was at 77 GB now and when I checked the history of that it was 59 GB on March 18 and from March 19th it was 77 GB.

There were no changes performed on the environment.

Will there be any reason why there’s a 18GB size increment on the CommserveDB and will it impact to the environment.???

Note: Out-off 77GB the CommservData size is 55GB and Log size is 20.5 GB

3 replies

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Please check the Database mode in SQL for Commserv database. I have seen situations where full mode was enabled but Live Sync operation were not run so no log truncation was performed and log file keeps growing due the normal daily activity.

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@naraharsha I would recommend opening a med level case with Customer Support.  Growth like that is not normal unless there have been a large number of changes, new entities, etc.  Support can stage  your database and this can be thoroughly investigated.

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@Ledoesp I could see that all DB’s are in simple recovery model only except the ModelDB.


@Orazan sure,i’ll do that.