Creating a One-Time, Scheduled SQL Server Backup of a Single Database

  • 25 February 2021
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I might be missing something obvious but is there not a way to schedule a one-time/ad-hoc backup of a single database from within either the web-based Command Center or the desktop CommCell Console?

To clarify:

  • I know where you can backup a single database, on-demand, from the web-based Command Center
  • and I know where you can schedule a one-time backup of an entire instance/subclient
  • but I don’t see where you can combine those two scenarios to create a scheduled backup of a single database.

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8 replies

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@hey.jason , to confirm, you want to do a scheduled backup (one time) of a single database that exists in a subclient (with other databases), without backing up the whole subclient.

Is that about right?  I’m not seeing any way to do that without splitting the other database into another subclient.

I’ll see if anyone else has any methods, maybe using the Command Line that you can schedule out.

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Hello Jason,

One way I know to run a single SQL database backup is using the SQL Management Studio plugin however you have no option to schedule. This invokes a qcommand, probably the one described here for OnDemand backup

Once you have the command with the right syntax and tested you can think about scheduling it ….

Also I found a Powershell module available for SQL, Backup-CVSQLDatabase: 


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@Mike Struening: you got it. That’s exactly what I was wanting to do. I’ll look into submitting it as a feature request. Seems like it might be doable if I’m currently able to do a one-off backup of a single database via the web app.

@Ledoesp: thanks for the info! I’ll look into this further — including how it affects the log chain.

Thanks to you both!

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@hey.jason , if you do get a CMR created, come back and share the number for posterity :nerd:

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@hey.jason , 


This can be done in the older Java console. You can run ad-hoc backups in CC, however they can’t currently be scheduled. This is done under the “databases” window in CC. 

For Java: 

  1. Right click the subclient holding the database in question. 
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@DGarra: thanks for the info. I don’t think I was aware of the ‘one-time’ option in the Java client so that’s helpful. Here’s hoping we can get the feature replicated in Command Center. Thanks!

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@hey.jason , if you do get a CMR created, come back and share the number for posterity :nerd:

Hey, Mike. CMR 315159 was generated to enable scheduled, ad-hoc backups in the web client (Command Center).

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And what about creating a new Schedule Policy, adding a new schedule task in it, with “one time” option selected, then selecting the SQL server in the “Associations” tab ?

It takes 2 minutes, and it is native in commvault.

What do you think ?