DATAbase Auto recovery - SQl

  • 5 March 2024
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Hello team,

i am trying to set up auto recovery , the marked point on the below says we can have a copy at the destination site , but while configuring auto replication i dont see any option as such , any one has idea


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Hi Ajal,


I believe this highlighted section refers to the ability to set a storage policy copy from which the data can be restored. There is no setting per se that will allow data to be send deduplicated to the client directly, that’s not how anything works. 


I do note, however, that changing the copy precedence to restore from doesn’t seem to be possible via Command Center, it can be done from the Advanced settings when configuring from the Commcell Console.

For the most part (unless it’s the initial restore or re-sync is required) the restore operations will use log backups, which are not deduplicated, so this highlighted section doesn’t make sense in the context of SQL replication.




David Dwyer