Database Maintenance

  • 12 April 2024
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Hi everyone, I have live sync enabled between two comm cells “Active and Passive”. DB maintenance haven’t run since around 2 years. the workflow is disabled unfortunately. 


I need to run the command dbmaintenance -full on the active server. Shall I disable the live sync before running the command? Do I need to run the same command on the passive commcell server as well?


Thanks in advance 

4 replies

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@Melshawy ,

We now have a workflow that you can schedule to run the DBMaintenance. You can use this in order to run your DBMaintenance’s in the future. There is no need to disable Live Sync. As whatever changes that happen on the active will be captured by the replication job and synced to the passive node.


Edward J Holowienka

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Thanks everyone, Live sync was already disabled when I stopped the services. 

The activity went fine without issues.

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Thanks everyone, I will review the change steps and update you guys if I still have questions 

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Hello @Melshawy 

I don’t see anything in our documentation about disabling LiveSync, but we do state to disable the scheduler.

Performing CommServe Database Maintenance Using the DBMaintenance Utility -


Thank you,