DDB disks upgrade

  • 27 December 2022
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We have few Windows Media agents that has DDB with 2 partitions.

Each partition is hosted on a different volume of course.

The volumes use ssd disks and we plan to upgrade these disks to a higher capacity ones.

What is the best practice here ?

Use the move partition option, as described here -

or use this option ( Never used it before )



5 replies

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Good afternoon.  If you are only refreshing the disks and not the entire MediaAgent, you can just move the partitions and then move them back once done.  

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Thanks @Orazan 

You mean use the ‘Move Partition’ option from the Console ?

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@TNO : if there is increase in the load (backup size) you may need to adhere to SSD sizing constraints. 

As updated earlier recommendation is use the “move the partition” which will run a job and copy the contents, integrity can be monitored on console. the below, it works


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Thanks @Zubair Ahmed Sharief 

Actually we have used the Commvault built-in ‘move partition’ option.


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@tno  Apologies for the delay in response.  Yes I was referring to move option.