Does CV use multipart uploads to AWS Glacier - direct?

  • 14 April 2021
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Hi all!


We are troubleshooting some AWS Glacier upload performance issues and one of the questions the AWS engineer came back with is:


Do you know if they use multipart upload in their solution? That is usually the first thing to check -


I did find some suggestions that we do use it:


  • Here it states that we need MultiPart permissions:
  • In previous service packs, there was an Additional Setting (nCloudMultipartSizeKB) to tune the the multipart size.


But I would like to get some hard evidence.


  1. Does Commvault use multipart uploads to AWG Glacier - direct?
  2. Can we prove that with certain log file entries?


Thanks in advance!


Best answer by Ho-chi Chen 14 April 2021, 17:06

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3 replies

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Thanks, @Ho-chi Chen !

I marked his reply as the Best Answer though feel free to reply back letting me know that is premature.

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Thanks for confirming! I’ll look into the log setting!

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Yes, it uses multipart upload for Glacier service. You can set CloudActivity-cvd.log(or CloudActivity.log after SP23) to debug level 2 on MediaAgent. it will log the full URL for cloud requests.