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  • 8 November 2021
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during DR backups or “Send Log Files” from Commserve,  very old ( > 2 years) files are collected and sent to DR locations and cloud. There is for example a 50GB InstallMongoDB.log file from 4/2020 in AllUsersProfile_1636362050 directory. These logs then increase the DR backups significantly. I tried to find somewhere these logs, but I cannot find them.

Could please anyone advise, how to prevent sending of these old log files ?

Thank you



Best answer by JNIZ 8 November 2021, 16:36

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3 replies

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If only one huge log file is bothering you, have you tried to copy it somewhere else, then truncate the original ?

I guess the ‘send log files’ with all data checked is to make sure you provide the support all the logs to reproduce your environment to a lab for assisting, even though some logs are outdated as not updated since very very long time.. 

On my environment, I don’t have that InstallMongoDB.log nor AllUsersProfile* files on my CS.

I may not got your point. Where can you see the mention of those files ?

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Hello Laurent,

Thans for your answer. I found the log file in “Program Data” directory meanwhile, sorry for bothering you. Problem solved.



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You did not bother @JNIZ don’t worry :wink: Glad to know you found it.