Exchange Server association command

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I have to create a great number of Exchange servers configuration cv11. I have almost all the commands to script it but one. I need to know the command to do the server association with the database.


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Hi there, 


Can you provide a little more clarify to what you’re looking to do? This sounds like you’re attempting to set the server selection manually on an Exchange DAG client, correct? 


If not, can you provide more detail, or a screenshot of what you’re attempting to set up in the console, so we can look for the command line version of it? 




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This is the command from my script

qoperation execute -af create_subclient_template.xml -appName "Exchange Database" -clientName '%cliNa%' -subclientName "NR%CC%_GLC_PDAG1_%dbname%" -dataBackupStoragePolicy/storagePolicyName "SilverCC%CC%" -commonProperties/numberOfBackupStreams "4" -commonProperties/enableBackup "False" -contentOperationType ADD -exchangeDBContent/storageGroup "%dbname%" -exchangeDBContent/databaseName "%dbname%"


I need to know what is the command to do the server association with the database as shown on the picture.


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Got it. 


I don’t believe we support command line ops for DAG clients, I think it’s only for stand-alone nodes, which is why that’s missing from documentation. 

The general usecase for “Server selection” is if you manually have to temporarily setup a specific node to use. 

Automatic is preferred, and the default. 



Let me look at a few things, I’ll update shortly. 

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Let me know!

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Apologies for the delay.


Can you please check if the below works?

attached the XML for update subclient.

Update Subclient:
qoperation execute -af <Path of update_subclient_template.xml> -appName "Exchange Database" -clientName "xxxxx" -subclientName "xxxxx"

Server Selection Tab

Server Selection: AUTOMATIC
-serverType AUTOMATIC

Server Selection: MANUAL
-serverType MANUAL

Server Associations:
-serverType MANUAL -associatedServerOperationType ADD -exchDBAssociatedServer/databaseName "xxxxx" -exchDBAssociatedServer/server "xxxxx"
-serverType MANUAL -associatedServerOperationType DELETE -exchDBAssociatedServer/databaseName "xxxxx"
-serverType MANUAL -associatedServerOperationType OVERWRITE -exchDBAssociatedServer/databaseName "xxxxx" -exchDBAssociatedServer/server "xxxxx"

DAG Options:
Backup from passive copy:
-backupFromPassiveCopy true | false

Backup from Active copy if no passive copy is available:
-backupFromPassiveCopy true -backupFromActiveCopy true | false

Use last activation preference to select passive copy
-backupFromPassiveCopy true -useLastActivation true | false