Full Backup capacity ?

  • 20 March 2023
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Hi I have a customer who has multiple sites and now we are looking to replicate those site to the cloud and need to evaluate the bandwidths for each site !

Is there a way to generate a report for each site telling us what is the equivalent of a full backup for those sites? I have the Total Application Size and Total Data Size on Disks but I cannot really rely on this since some have 15 days retention and others have 60 days retention ! Is there a report or a way to find this kind of information ?



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2 replies

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Hey @Marco Lachance,


I’ll have to see about a report, but a good way to identify the amount of data that needs to be copied is to look at the “Baseline Size” statistic on the DDB. If all their remote sites use a single or few DDBs it should be quick to take a look at this in the UI. This should be an accurate measure of initial transfer - similar if you had to seal the deduplication store and start from scratch. Its measured at 120% to account for some incremental change, but may be “worst case scenario” rather than under-estimating.

Baseline Size

The estimated size that is required on the disk for backup data when the existing DDB is sealed.

The software calculates the baseline size as follows: 120% of the size of the most recent full jobs of all subclients.

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This report will give you the same info:!/135/664/17874