Full Oracle backup performance deteriorates over time

  • 20 April 2021
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Over time (about 8 months) the full backup duration time increases from 0,5 to 4,75 hours and with that seeing the average throughput decreases from above 300 Gb/hr to about 35 Gb/hr.

Recently the Oracle instance restarted spontaneously as the full backup tried to start. After this the backup time and throughput are performing well again.

Oracle, Windows 2012 R2, Commvault 11, size DB grow in this 8 months from 133 to 155 Gb.

What could have caused this performance decrease and more important are there ways to prevent this and monitor (of course, now we know we keep an eye on the statistics) or is this a known issue?


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Hi @Geert 

Thank you for the question and welcome to the Community!

There really are too many variables here to identify this from the description above.

Some ideas to check and look at:

  • DBA Recycle bin may need to be purged
  • Stale processes on the client
  • AWR report with 2 hour period from Oracle side before and after Oracle restart may give some clues to the DBA

Please let me know if this helps.