How can I confirm if a backup job has configure as a snap vault or NDMP backup?

  • 10 November 2023
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I am new to Commvault so sorry if this is simple question or my question is not clear. I was told to check if our current running job are set as snap vault or NDMP. I am not sure where/how can I confirm this. 


When I am going to Properties > IntellSnap > I can see this enable and has a associated array listed. Does this mean is a snap vault backup .

Is this something I can confirm from storage side. can you please help where/how? We using Netapp storage.




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Identify your NDMP client.

Go to your client list > on the right column right click > Find > type the name of your storage client you are looking for. It should show with a icon like the one you see on screenshot. That is a NDMP Agent.

Icons for reference:

Now whether you have a snapvault configuration or not it is a different story.

Couple of ways to find that out.

1- In Commvault from the client you want to discover, look at the storage policy it has configured.

2- Go to the storage policy and from there you should have a snapshot copy configured and MAYBE a snapvault configured. I`m not sure if that will be obvious but one way from the storage policy COPY you can hit properties and see if it says Vault/Replica. That indicates you have a snapvault/



Identify your snapshots and snavault on NetApp.

Go to your PROD Array, look for a volume that you know it is being backed up and type the command;

snapmirror list-destinations

The above will show all volumes that have a replica configured. This does not indicate COmmvault is handling the replication though BUT from here you can easily tell the destination of that replication.

So pick a volume from the list you know it is being backed (if you dont) run the following;

snapshot show -vserver REPLACEWITHVSERVER -volume VOLUMENAME -snapshot SP*

Commvault snapshots will always start with SP_


This will tell you everything you need. Post if you have additional questions.




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Hi Dude, Sorry for late response. Great! thanks for you explaining it. Very helpful. 😀