How to Transfer Owner of Commvault schedule policies

  • 28 January 2021
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New to CV and found that the previous guru created schedule policies under two different user id instead of a generic id.  I’ve tried modifying but no joy.  There are several and I really do not want to recreate as that is open season for errors.  What method am I missing?


Best answer by Anthony.Hodges 28 January 2021, 22:30

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Have you tried this qscript? Worked for me every time.


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As Anthony says, I would use the Qscript to change the schedule owner.

Alternatively if the user still exists in the CommCell, You could do a “Transfer Ownership” from that user to a User or User Group: Transferring Ownership of Entities (




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To add a little extra information to this since you mentioned that you are newer to Commvault.


In the future If you were to delete a user in the future it will prompt you during the deletion of the user account to reassign ownership of the owned entities such as schedules to another user during the process.


For your current scenario as you are only looking to reassign between two active users the qscript is an excellent method to use.


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@Trish-Boulder County

Try this

qoperation execscript -sn ChangeScheduleOwner -si olduser -si domain\newuser -si "schedulename"