How to verify syslog traffic

  • 27 December 2022
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To provide Syslog for Syslog servers, I open Syslog in the command center.

Is it possible to verify Syslog traffic?



3 replies

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Good afternoon.  You will be able to verify this traffic after FR30.  Changes being made will provide the ability to monitor the connection and traffic.

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We are on FR28 at this time, I have enabled syslog server and setup all the details, the CS\ Webserve are able to cvping to the syslog server on the port assigned, I understand that in FR30 we will be able to verify traffic, what is the currently available way to verify, is there a log file or any other logging that can confirm syslogs are being sent?


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AFAIK, there’s nothing in the logs confirming that we forwarded anything to syslog.  At least not with the default debug levels configured.  In the past I have confirmed my syslog forwarding by watching for the entries from the CommServe showing up on the syslog server.