how works pre/post snap tasks on vmware sublcient backup and how tracks it

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Is there a way to launch a task from the media agent to the remote host that I want to take as a vmware backup.
I have a Windows media agent like "access node" for Vmware backups
I did a task with putty which does a stop/start of a service on a remote linux host with authentication by ssh key. it works fine from a session on the windows media agent host.
I put the path of this task in the pre snap and post snap of the Vmware sub client with the same user/password that I used for the test.

When backing up the subclient, nothing happens and I don't see any presnap/postsnap call or task name specified in the backup job logs.

1-) is this supposed to work?
2-) if so how can I follow the operation?

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@ciusss no, there is not a real option to run a pre/post script when using a VM-level backup, but I might have a workaround for you. Why not initiate the backup of the VM from your script. I assume you are already using VSA v2 which means you can start an on-demand job on a single VM. it.s pretty easy to implement this, especially if you use the SDK. 

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Thanks Onno, I've never exploited the functionality to launch a backup from a script. I will look into this option.