I’m running out of disk space, where should I look first to figure out why?

  • 30 December 2020
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My available free space is running low on the storage library, need to determine why.


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Hi @bcolyer 

This one is a little tricky to explain with a simple paragraph, I’ve included a video at the end for you to check out.

The Data Retention Forecast and Compliance Report displays information about the history of backup jobs, the media where the backups are stored, when data aging will occur for the backups, and recyclable media, based on the selected filter criteria.  

If jobs are not being removed, there is a reason code in the report that will let you know why, including a clickable link to documentation that provides further explanation for each reason why data may not be eligible to be removed. 
Check out this video for basic troubleshooting for data aging and disk space issues. 

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A nice trick to use to determine the effect on any changed Retention settings is to:

  1. Disable any scheduled Data Aging jobs
  2. Modify any retention settings you are proposing
  3. Rerun the Data Retention Forecast and Compliance Report
  4. Set the retention back
  5. Re-enable any scheduled Data Aging jobs

This will show you which jobs will prune as a result of your proposed setting changes, so you can determine beforehand if it’s a wise idea.

We disable the scheduled Data Aging job so it doesn’t happen to run between step 2 and 4 :-)