Install TPM module for an Existing Commserve

  • 2 November 2021
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I would like to install and configure a TPM module for an Existing CommServe Server host and standby. MY software is install on the same drive than my OS Windows. (RAID1 with C drive only) and I would like to encrypt the C drive for OS with BitLocker.


If my Commvault software already uses software encryption, can Bitlocker encryption conflict with Commvault's  if the OS is on the same disk as the Commvault software installation?


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5 replies

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Hi @commvault11 , and thanks for the question!

What do you plan to encrypt with CV Software encryption, and what would be encrypted with BitLocker?  Are you looking to encrypt client data that we would then back up?

Will they 2 ever meet and conflict?

Let me know what you are looking to perform, and we can see if there is a conflict.

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Hi @Mike Struening 

We plan to encrypt the backup client data with CV Software encryption and encrypt the OS with Bitlocker, but if the CV software it’s install on the same disk than OS System and  we encrypt this disk. I would like to know if it’s possible for software encryption to conflict with bitlocker if the OS and software installation directories is on the same disk.



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We’d generally suggest not encrypting the CV binary folder (same as Anti virus scanning).

In this case, the client data is going to be encrypted, and CV is going to encrypt the backed up files (on the library).

Let me ask around a bit on how we will handle a) backing up encrypted files and b) encrypting our binaries (which I am quite sure would be problematic).

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@commvault11@Mike Struening I had this topic in another discussion here in the forum. Judging from that discussion we thought it to be safe to encrypt the data that is backed up and the binaries with bitlocker. As far as I understand as long as bitlocker is working correctly there would be no issues.

So far we have not seen any issues with this.



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Glad you noticed this and joined us!