Is it possible to move a subclient to a different backup set from the same client?

  • 11 March 2021
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I have about 100 subclients in a backup set that I would need to move and I rather not have recreate them with their distinct settings.

As per the screenshot, I have 2 backup set under VMware and I would like to move some subclients from defaultbackupset to t320 servers.

Is that possible?


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5 replies

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The short answer is no.


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Hi @MartinD, there is an option that might interest you.

While you can’t ‘move’ backup jobs contained under a subclient to another, you can clone all the configuration using this workflow:!/136/671/11518


That may make it easier to migrate the 100 subclients but it wont move the jobs. If that is acceptible then this could be an option.

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@MartinD following kind of the same thoughts shared before by @Damian Andre , you could clone and create the subclient using command line.

You would have to edit the entities within the XML. Review below.

Cloning a Subclient Using the Command Line Interface (supported File System and VSA)

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Thanks @Damian Andre and @dude I’ll review your options! 

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Can you use “clone_subclient_template.xml” to clone to a different backupSet on the same client/agent? In the parent element “subClientProperties/subClientEntity” there is only a subclientName component.



It cannot create a subclient in a different backupset, only in the same backupset.
Also the content isn’t cloned (eg. virtual machines)

Tried updating the XML like this and passing the arguments:

Command used:
qoperation execute -af .\clone_subclient_template.xml -cloneEntity/clientName "client1" -cloneEntity/appName "Virtual Server" -cloneEntity/instanceName "instance1" -cloneEntity/backupsetName "backupset1" -cloneEntity/subclientName "subclient1" -subClientProperties/subClientEntity/clientName "client1" -subClientProperties/subClientEntity/appName "Virtual Server" -subClientProperties/subClientEntity/instanceName "instance1" -subClientProperties/subClientEntity/backupsetName "backupset2" -subClientProperties/subClientEntity/subclientName "subclient2"