Is there any documentation on the "computed column" option in a report data set's definition?

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I’ve checked BoL and the “add data set” section shows “advanced” but not “computed column” option.

When creating/editing a data set and selecting “computed columns”, the prompt text says “

#Data of the data set is present in data frame with name data.

#You can return dataframe or individual vectores and it will be added into the data set.”

I’d like to compute a column based on two columns that come out of “EXEC Lic_CUR_GetLicenseUsage 29” (part of the license summary report but cannot find any syntax.


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Hey @Mike London UK , thanks for the post!

I’ll share this with our documentation team and get something for you.

@Seema Ghai 

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From the sound of your request, you probably want to use a Post Query Filter here.  The Computed Columns section is for R scripts.

With the Post Query Filter, you can write another SQL query that executes against your stored procedure results and creates a view around it.

So you could write something like

select   col1,
            (col4 + col5) / 100 As ComputedColumn
from $this$

Here is some documentation post query filters



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@Mike London UK We will review and update the documentation to include any missing information. 

@Amanda Tesla

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We are missing information about that Compute Column section for Database data sets. We’ll have to speak to the Development/Test team to gather information about it. I created MR 317336 so we can add Compute Column to the Report Builder documentation. Thanks for identifying this gap :slight_smile: