Jobs not clearing - Now a nightly occurrence - Show as 100% completed

  • 21 June 2022
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The post below helped remove jobs that would not clear

The ‘issue’ is these non clearable jobs are now appearing every day

These jobs appear to be:

  1. The “4am” jobs that backup VM’s that failed overnight backups
  2. These “4am failed virtual machine” jobs are in the discovery Phase - but show as 100% completed - and do not clear - preventing the next evenings job (for the associated subclient) from running 

I’m happy to raise a support ticket, but hoped the community might be able to help

(Currently on 11.25.19)





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6 replies

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Making sure I understand the behavior.  The jobs that are showing in the “completed” status in the job controller, are preventing other jobs from running on the next schedule?


What is the error on the job that is unable to run on the next schedule, or is it going into a queued status?



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Hi Jason

They stay as a queued job

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@YYZ , I’m not aware of this issue.  I would definitely get a case created (and share the incident number here).


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Hey @YYZ , following up on this one.

Did you get it resolved?  I’m not seeing a case in your name.


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Hi Mike


I had not raised a ticket (due to time, pressure etc, and ‘manually’ managed clearing the processes for a few days.

Now that you’ve pinged me - I ‘realise’ the issue has gone.

ie. It hasn't occurred for the past 7-10 days.


‘Nothing’ has changed in the system - other than upgrade the CommServe through various MR finally to to 11.38 (related to another  commvault Ticket thats been ongoing for a while) 

I ‘think’ that coincides with the issues going away.


I appreciate the follow up - It had purged from my mind some how





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Out of sight, out of mind I guess 😂

I’ll mark your reply as the answer then!