Large linux installers: Is there a way to make them smaller to upload

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at the moment we have a standard linux installer and it’s size is 7GB; being a msp we copy the installer from the onsite MEdiaAgent and upload these to customer’s’s linux servers; although we have selected only linux packages I notice that the size is till 7GB.  Is there a way to create a smaller package ; as it can be challanging to uplod these large installers to customer servers using winscp 


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You can use the Create Custom Package option when you run ./cvpkgadd on one of the Linux servers then save that custom package which will be much smaller (usually around 250MB) depending on how many packages you are installing. You can then save that package as a .tar and use it for subsequent installations by copying it to the servers.


Use the link below for guidance:

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Ability to reduce the Linux/Unix media is added in FR23 based on packages selected.