Linux agent firewall / SE Linux config?

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The Windows client installation creates OS firewalls rules for the client to run and allow communication on ports used by the Commvault services. Does the Linux client installation make any FW changes to Firewalld or to SE Linux to allow the services to run and communicate externally? Are these required manually after installation? 


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Hi @Glenno 

Linux agent do not make any changes to selinux or firewalld (iptables) on the OS level.

If SELinux is configured then use the following doc


Firewall ports requirement  →





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Hi @Glenno 


Only if you are installing commvault on a non-default location / you have Multilevel Security enabled on client machine, then SELinux config might have to be added manually, which is already taken care of in SP32 (to be released in June 2023).


Apart from that, explicit SELinux config modifications are not needed.