Linux - Install_Silent with a Restore Only option (?)

  • 23 January 2023
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Using version 11.24, is there a way to use the linux install (./install_silent), indicating a filesystem Restore Only agent?  


Thank you in advance!


Mike Rucker

2 replies

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You should be able to create a custom package with restore only:

Once done you can use that for an unattended / silent install.


Not sure if you have tried that or can’t locate the restore only option in the custom page creation step?

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I hadn’t been able to update this since I managed to find an option ~


Yes!  do the custom package, as Damian Andre indicated.  You’ll get a tar file - expand it on the client, then:

  1. Copy the default.xml to save it
  2. vi default.xml
  3. find “restoreOnlyAgents” - toward the end of the file (in CVInstallManager_ClientSetup)
  4. change that to “True”

I’ll update this to confirm that this WORKED.