LiveSync Setup for SAP on Oracle agent

  • 16 February 2022
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Is it possible to configure LiveSync for below clients:


SAP on Oracle





Best answer by Ahmad Alito 21 February 2022, 06:51

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6 replies

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Good morning.  Please let me know if these are helpful:

For SAP Hana:

For Oracle this may be what you are looking for:

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Thanks Orazan,


I'm using 11.18 version, However, LiveSync Option is available only for Oracle Agent, but neither SAP on Oracle nor SAP on Hana agent have that option on CommServe GUI.


What would be the reason?



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@Ahmad Alito , I’m not seeing this page in the older doc versions.

Let me see if I can track down when this feature was added (didn’t find it explicitly mentioned in the “What’s New” sections).

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I confirmed the feature was added in Summer 2020, so that lines up with what I am seeing (the feature lacked a full scale project, so it wouldn’t have been announced in the docs).

Can you upgrade to a more recent feature and confirm the option shows up?

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Hi Mike,


I have check with commvault support and they confirmed that:


CommVault does not support LiveSync nor replication for SAP on Oracle and SAP HANA.



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Appreciate sharing back!