Media write operation failure

  • 18 December 2023
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Since we are on SP 11.38.28 i am getting this error at AUX > Metalic. Anyone know what does its mean? 



Error - Description: [Media write operation failure] [Dedupe cloud media] [Failed to validate the cloud server certificate authenticity, either the cloud server presented an invalid certificate or a self-signed certificate. If the cloud server using self-signed certificate, please set additional setting MediaAgent CloudServerCertificateNameCheck with value 2 to skip peer certificate verification.]


Best answer by Collin Harper 19 December 2023, 16:39

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6 replies

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Hi @Egor Skepko ,

Did you change the certs recently?

Can you check the error in cvd.log during that date/time?

Do you see Error = 44037

Best Regards,


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@Sebastien Merluzzi No we didnt change recently, In the cvd.log of MA i see alot of 44037 errors.


I wil upload the log from running aux with the error

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Will send you a key privately to see if it helps.

If it doesn’t, it would be better to log a case with Support so Development can review.

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Hello @Egor Skepko 

This error gets sent to us from the Cloud Vendor when they do not accept Self-Signed Certificates. The certificate could have changed or the vendor could have stopped supporting them but the error is a response from the vendor to our API requests and isn’t generated by Commvault.

You can either implement the key referred to in the error (which I suspect Sebastien has sent you) or you can implement a certificate signed by a Certificate Authority.


Thank you,

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@Collin Harper I implemented the key which provided by Sebastien. And seems its working properly.Thank you for the reply

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Can you share the key details here, i am observing similar error in 11.32.49