Method to back up a VMDK on ESX w/o VM?

  • 9 February 2024
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So we have a VM which is over 22TB in size and cannot be backed up by Commvault.  We’ve implemented a FS backup, but this still takes considreable time and impacts the VM (in use 24/7) heavily.  

However, the VMDK has a VMWare live mirror, and we’d like to look at backing that up.  Has anyone done this and have any tips?  Is there a reason it cannot be done?  Lastly, I dont’ see why this wouldn’t be possible, but file/folders can still be extracted, yes?


Thank you for any advice!



1 reply

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Hi Mike,

Good day, thanks for reaching CV Community. We can definitely look to improve the performance for the FS backups and suggest few ways of enhancing the performance. Would you be able to open a support ticket with our Commvault Support and provide us the logs for any one job that consumed longer than expected time?

Also regarding VMDK has a VMWare live mirror, could you please share some more light to the feature or any reference doc to better understand the configuration and then suggest some action?


Abhishek Sharma