modify the path for dr on the standby commserve

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as the commserve DR is stopped, what is the procedure to modify the path used for DR backup ?




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Hi @Bloopa 

The location for Commserve DR backup is maintained in the Commserve database, so this will remain the same after failover.

There is no need for a separate configuration for active/passive Commserves.


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If you need to modify the path for any reason here is the documentation showing you how.

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Sorry I will add more precisions. 

I have a prod commserve on premise that was configured like this:

dr path : cs01 d:csdr 

I have modified this To \\onpremfileserver\csdr


on the commserve failover installation (aws) I have configured the dr to cs02 d:csdr

I thought that I need To change Also this setting to something like this


Is it correct or I am wrong ?





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Hello Bloopa,

The DR backup setting is stored in the Commserv database. When the Commserv database is restored from the Prod CS to the DR CS, the DR backup setting is retained. You will only be able to change the DR backup setting via Console GUI on the DR CS after the failover is done and all CV services are running on the DR CS.

A copy of the DR backup already gets stored on the local driver on the CS so make sure the network share is to a completely different server. This is to ensure you have a DR backup on another server in the event the CS is completely lost and not recoverable.

I would also recommend enabling the option “Upload backup metadata to Commvault Cloud” from the DR backup setting so a copy of the DRbackup is uploaded to Commvault cloud. This would be in addition to the network share.

Thank you,

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Thanks to all.

@Sandip Domadia ok I will enable the “Upload backup metadata to Commvault Cloud”


When I installed the commserve failover server on aws  I had to put the same network share as I put on the production installation or that doesn't matter  ? I have selected the local option  d:csdr.



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It doesn’t matter. You need to provide a path for the DR backup in the standby CommServes during install, but once you enable CommServe Live Sync the SQL databases are replicated from the active CommServe and all the settings are taken from the active CommServe, being the DR settings one of them.