MongoDB incremental restore

  • 21 July 2021
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Hi guys,

after reading the documentation I’ve not understand if Commvault supports incremental restore of MongoDB

Can I restore only one DB or better, only one collection, after the backup?

Thanks in advance


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3 replies

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Hi @Giacomo !  Hope all is well, and thanks for sharing your question here :nerd:

Can you elaborate what you mean?  You can do point in time restores as per the docs:

The Expert docs are MUCH more detailed than the essential, though you need to be logged into see the Expert docs (my link is for the expert).

Let me know exactly what you’re looking to accomplish and I’ll advise.


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@Giacomo We do support granular restore for MongoDB.  you can restore at DB level or collection level.  is that not working ?  can you let me know the feature pack you are at.

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Hi @Mike Struening, hi @Swarna ,

sorry for my late response and thank you for answers!

I’ll read the documentation and I’ll try to configure backup and restore in the next days