NetApp Intellisnap support with DB2 on NFS

  • 16 October 2023
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we have customer with SAP Installation based on DB2 which on Netapp NFS Storage.

We would like to use Intellisnap Snapshot function with DB2 and NFS Volumes.

If I check the Intellisnap Matrix :

Intellisnap is not supported with NFS & DB2.

Is this still correct - because in general it is supported why not with NFS or is there any newer information which I missed.

Thanks for a short update here.

Thx & BR


4 replies

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Hello Marcel,

As per the document we do not see it is supported, NFS protocol only supported with Unix file system Idata Agent: 

DOC for reference for SP 28:

You can change the CV SP version as per your requirement to check the supported Agent.


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@Swati Himmatramka 

Thanks for your reply. So for me the link you shared shows that DB2 Agent is supported with Netapp Intellisnap. Then it should work because it is not mentioned if on LUN or NFS.

Is it possible to clarify this internally? If not supported I would be happy to see a CMR for that.

Thanks for an update.



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@Swati Himmatramka any Feedback on this?



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@Swati Himmatramka still waiting for Feedback on this? Thx